Don’t overlook your child’s vision

Did you know that an annual eye exam is as important for your child as a routine checkup with the pediatrician? That’s right: A checkup for a child’s vision is not only important for their eyesight and health, but it’s also essential to a child’s ability to learn and achieve their academic potential, as well as to participate in sports and even social activities. At McKinney Eyeworks, we’re here to offer the most state-of-the-art optometric care for your child.

The intervals we recommend for children’s vision exams are as follows:

· Infant exams. Early eye exams for children as young as six months old aren’t just about vision, but for their overall health. At six months of age, visual acuity sharpens and it’s at this point that babies should have their vision examined – in order to ensure their eyes are developing normally, performing as a team, and working together. If not, one or both eyes may be affected and lead to a lifetime of poor vision.
· Pre-kindergarten exams. By the ages of 3 to 4 years old, a child’s eyes have essentially done their growing and developing – so a pre-kindergarten exam is a must. Remember: early diagnosis and treatment of children’s vision issues can stop more serious problems down the road that could impair eyesight for life.
· Annual exams throughout childhood. Eye exams should become an annual ritual, just like annual check-ups at the pediatrician’s office. It’s the best way for the eye doctor to keep tabs on young eyes that can change fast.

Signs that may indicate issues with children’s vision
As mentioned, it’s important to schedule regular, routine eye exams for your children’s vision. In addition, parents can also look for possible signs of vision problems. In observing your child, ask yourself the following questions:

· Does your child turn their head to the side to look at something in front of them? If so, this could indicate an astigmatism.
· Does your child have a short attention span, such as shying away from tasks that use their eyes for a long time?
· Does your child lose his or her place when reading – either to themselves or out loud?
· Do they avoid reading and other “close” activities, including games, puzzles or even using the computer?

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Again, it’s essential to remember that appropriate vision testing starting at an early age is not only important for a child’s long term eye health, but also vital to ensure your child has the visual skills he or she needs to perform well in school. A child who is unable to see print or view a blackboard can become easily frustrated, leading to poor academic performance. Some vision problems, such as lazy eye, are best treated if they’re detected and corrected as early as possible while the child’s vision system is still developing.

Serving McKinney and the surrounding area since 2000, Dr. Marc Woerz and his skilled team at McKinney Eyeworks are dedicated to pursuing the highest standard of comprehensive, state-of-the-art optometric care. From the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases – to vision correction – McKinney Eyeworks is committed to improving the quality of your child’s life by fulfilling their visual needs and safeguarding the health of their eyes!

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