Contact Lens Awareness Week

In the United States more than 45 million people wear contact lenses. When patients adhere to strict hygiene routines, contact lenses are a safe and effective form of vision correction. Unfortunately, it is estimated that between 40- 90 percent of contact patients do not follow proper hygiene instructions.

At McKinney Eyeworks, our trained staff ensures that every contact lens patient receives a thorough education in proper hygiene and lens care. During a contact lens exam the McKinney optometrists will fit the proper and most effective contact lens for the patient. After a staff member will instruct the first time lens wearer in insertion and removal. All contact lens patients will be given a complimentary care system that bests fits the mode of wear along with a new case.  Instructions on the care and the care system will then take place.

Dr. Marc Woerz and Dr. Wenting Wang offer the following instructions for successful contact lens wear and to maintain safe and healthy eyes.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry hands before handling contacts
  • Store your contacts in clean cases. At McKinney Eyeworks we strongly encourage you to come in and pick up a complimentary a case every 3 months.
  • Use only the care system recommended by the McKinney eye doctors.
  • Follow the replacement schedule of the contact lens
  • Never reuse contact solution.
  • Take advantage of daily disposable lenses. Especially in children! Parents can rest assure that they are changing into fresh lenses daily with just one less thing to worry about!

Contact lens related eye infections can result from a couple of days of non-use to permanent blindness. Contact lens related ulcers typically result in permanent scarring of the cornea which in turn can result in a permanent haze to the vision or even blindness.

Trust your contact lens need to the eye doctors and staff at Mckinney Eyeworks who have been serving McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Prosper and the surrounding area since 1995.


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