The crystalline lens is an anatomical structure that is located inside the eye directly behind the iris. Its function is to focus light onto the retina to provide a clear image of an object in view. A cataract is an ocular condition in which the lens becomes opaque or cloudy obscuring vision. Cataracts themselves are not considered an eye disease but rather an aging process usually occurring in patients over 50. Cataracts can be congenital and also due to trauma or intraocular surgery. Diabetes, UV radiation, smoking and systemic corticosteroid use are all risk factors.

Symptoms of cataracts are decreased visual acuity, cloudy vision, glare and light sensitivity at night. Many patients come to us with the complaint, “I feel as though my glasses are always dirty.”

At McKinney Eyeworks we will monitor the progression of the cataracts and make the appropriate referral to a qualified cataract surgeon. Surgery is performed and in most cases an intraocular lens impant is inserted to achieve clear vision. If you are having any symptoms of cataracts as described above, we recommend you schedule a comprehensive eye examination today!

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