Children’s Vision

Children's Vision

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Children’s Vision

The Doctors at McKinney Eyeworks recommend that if you notice any crossing of the eyes, excessive clumsiness, poor eye hand coordination or anything unusual in a child’s vision under the age of 4 to call for a comprehensive eye exam. Many conditions such as strabismus or amblyopia need immediate attention in these developmental years in order for the eyes to develop properly.

Any child that is age 4 or above should have annual comprehensive eye examinations. One of the biggest misconceptions is that if a child passes a screening from a Pediatric doctors office or a school that no visual problems exist. Many visual problems  are impossible to detect from a simple screening and can directly affect your child’s ability to perform in the classroom and in sports.

Children grow quickly and eyes can change just as fast. Yearly eye exams are an integral part of your child’s wellness program. Schedule an appointment today!

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