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Contact Lens

With recent advances in contact lens technology, most patients can now wear lenses with great success. At  McKinney Eyeworks a successful contact lens starts with a state of the art comprehensive exam. Upon completion of the exam our doctors will do a complete review of your contact lens needs and match the best lens for your lifestyle.

Many people have been told in the past that they are a hard to fit patient. Our doctors are highly trained and routinely fit all types of contact lenses. Lenses include disposable, gas permeable, color, planned replacement as well as specialty lenses for astigmatism(toric), presbyopia(bifocal or monovision), kerataconus and dry eye patients.

A stock of several thousand lenses ensures the most accurate fit possible and usually patients can take home lenses the same day. Our contact lens specialists will guide you through supply, pricing, rebates and file your insurance. They will also teach first time lens wearers insertion and removal along with lens care.

We offer our patients emergency lens replacements at no cost and complimentary contact lens solutions.  At McKinney Eyeworks, we view our contact lens patients in a service oriented manner unlike online order companies.



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