Digital Eyestrain

Digital Eyestrain

Digital eyestrain is the physical discomfort felt after two or more hours while working on a digital device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone or reading device such as a kindle. Average American workers spend seven hours per day working on a computer.

Symptoms include:
-eye strain
-dry eye syndrome
-blurred vision
-neck and shoulder pain

These symptoms are the result of:

-poor lighting
-glare on the screen
-improper ergonomics
-uncorrected visual problems
-inferior optical lenses

Digital eyestrain affects all age groups. As we know escaping digital device is an impossibility in today’s world. Whether the patient who uses the computer at work and at home or that gamer that stays online for hours, digital eyestrain is becoming an epidemic.

Over 70% of all Americans fail to discuss the amount of digital device use with their optometrist. As McKinney optometrists, the doctors at McKinney Eyeworks, take an in depth detailed history that takes in consideration  the amount of digital device usage. Dr. Woerz and Dr. Wang will perform a variety of tests during the examination that will determine the correct prescription not only for everyday use but also digital device use.

Digital eyestrain is treated in many different ways depending on the patients profession, age and hobbies. Many times a patient may require a different prescription other than their everyday glasses to eliminate the strain. Likewise patients who do not require an everyday prescription will benefit from a pair of glasses made for computer use.

Improperly fitted glasses or inferior lenses can actually cause digital eye strain. At McKinney Eyeworks we use the latest technology in lens and use superior coatings such as Crizal.  Aaron our lead optician will educate you on all your optical choices and make sure you get the proper pair of glasses.

The optometrists in McKinney at McKinney Eyeworks will provide you with superior eyecare and our optical staff will ensure all your optical needs are met!