General Eyecare

General Eyecare

General Eyecare

A comprehensive eye examination yields far more information than one might expect. Not only does it provide us with information to diagnose and treat eye conditions, it provides a look into the anatomical structure and the health of your eyes. In addition it provides an open window to look at your health in general. Dr. Woerz and Dr. Wang are both board certified therapeutic optometrists and glaucoma specialists. A therapeutic optometrist can treat can treat eye conditions and disease in many ways including topical  as well as systemic medications.

At our office, a comprehensive eye examination entails a number of tests using the latest state of the art instrumentation. Routine eye exam testing consists of: visual acuity, eye muscle movements, pupils, binocular vision status, tonometry, visual fields screening, refraction, external and internal health and digital retinal imaging. Further specialized testing may be necessary as your condition warrants or recommended by our doctors.

In preparation to ensure an efficient exam, we highly recommend that you bring you eyeglasses and/or contact lenses upon arrival. A list of your current medications, health conditions and your current physicians. We routinely correspond with a patient’s physicians to ensure good overall health.

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