Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States affecting more than 2.7 million individuals in the US and over 60 million people worldwide. Glaucoma is an ocular condition that leads to damage of the optic nerve and retinal nerve fibers that can lead to blindness if left untreated. There are different forms of glaucoma such as open angle glaucoma (most common form), acute angle closure glaucoma,low or normal tension glaucoma, and secondary glaucoma. Certain risk factors exist that can increase the risk of developing glaucoma such as, age, race, genetic predisposition, long term medications and medical conditions such as diabetes.

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that can result in vision loss if left untreated.  No patient symptoms exist with the exception of acute angle closure glaucoma. In other words the majority of undiagnosed glaucoma patients would never know they had glaucoma until vision loss occurs. The optic nerve head damage that occurs is unfortunately irreversible. Dr. Woerz and Dr. Wang are both board certified glaucoma specialists. At McKinney Eyeworks, we have the most technologically advance diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat glaucoma. We routinely utilize an Optical Coherence Tomography which is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to image cross sectional layers of the retina.  In glaucoma detection it helps uncover early structural damage to the optic nerve. This technology used in conjunction with a Humphrey field analyzer is vital in detecting glaucoma in its early stages. As stated before there are no symptoms of glaucoma normally so early detection is the key to managing visual loss. Reducing intraocular pressure is the only modifiable factor in glaucoma treatment. Prescription eye drops which lower intraocular pressure are the first line and most common form of treatment. In certain cases,surgical laser treatment, surgical drainage implants, or systemic medication is necessary to treat the condition. Early detection is the key so call today and let the Doctors at McKinney Eyeworks perform a comprehensive eye exam and ensure that your eye are in good health.

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