Lens Technology

At McKinney Eyeworks we are constantly seeking out the latest in lens technology. No matter how great one of our beautiful frames looks on your face without the proper lens your glasses will be unable to perform.

With so many options available it can be quite overwhelming for the consumer to decide which lens is for their needs. Our opticians at McKinney Eyeworks will take their time and thoroughly explain all the lens options and which best suit your lifestyle. Our goals is for you to have the clearest vision not only with a precise exam but with the latest technology in lenses.
We have a full service lab complete with a state of the art Briot XS edger and tracer. Many times a prescription can be made in around 30 minutes and rest assured you will not have to worry about the accuracy of a prescription at McKinney Eyeworks. Our in house edging system also saves valuable time on lens warranties and emergency pairs.

Progressive Lenses.

McKinney Eyeworks proudly offers Varilux progressive lenses. Varilux has been the industry leader in progressive lenses for over 25 years. They are the most technologically advanced progressive lens on the market and chances are if you have failed in getting accustomed to a progressive in the past, success will be achieved with our Varilux products.

We offer:

• Varilux X Series- which provide ultra sharp vision, smooth transition from near to far and protection from harmful blue light.
• Varilux Physio- helps your eyes work better together smoothly and effortlessly in the transition from near to far.
• Varilux Comfort-get crisp natural vision a any distance

Single Vision Lenses
We offer a variety of lenses for single vision depending on our patients needs. New and improve high index lenses result in thinner lenses and allows for a greater variety of lens selection. Our opticians will analyze your prescription and help you find the lens that best suit your needs.

Digital Lenses
Many times a patient will feel that even though they are seeing 20/20 that their vision is still not that distinct. This is caused by something referred to as high order abberrations. High order abberations are more subtle and complex refractive errors than near and far sightedness as well as astigmatism.
New digital lenses provide relief from this type of refractive error and give our patients sharper vision in all conditions especially at night.

Lens Coatings
We offer Crizal non-glare to our patients at McKinney Eyeworks. Crizal lenses provide clarity, cleanability, durability and the ultimate UV protection. Crizal has many different coatings ranging from durable kids coatings to high technology coatings that block harmful blue light from our many digital devices.

With transition lenses our patients are able to have the best of both worlds! A single pair that are perfectly clear indoors and tinted outdoors with variable shade in between. We offer several transitions options from lenses that get extra dark in the car, faster changing lenses from dark to light and evena polarized option

Make an appointment to come see our expert opticians and eliminate any guesswork you may have in purchasing your eyewear. We are here to not only make sure you get the correct products but also encourage frequent visits for adjustments that ensure a great eyewear experience!